Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Master Planning

By Meghan Shanahan

Hello from Carbondale and welcome back! We are now are now in week 7 of the semester, we will be having our midterms in studio on October 15, and 17th. Here is a little refresher of our project for this semester; we are working on a legacy project for the 2016 Olympics. If you not know the Olympics are being held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, the legacy project is what happens to the facilities of the Olympics after the Olympics has left. This can be a great opportunity for the community to connect and grow in this location. For our project we are taking the plan by AECOM firm, and recreating a small part of it as shown in image 1.
The last two weeks we have been working on our master plan with our master plan group to redesign our site according to the program that was provided. It has been quite an adventure to work with my group to combine our ideas to create such a unique place for Brazil to have after the Olympics are gone. From this master plan we have the choice to design 16,000 sq meters of residential, or 12,000 sq meters of a hotel. I have chosen to design the 16,000 sq meters of residential.  We have only started this week on the designs of our individual but hopefully I will have more about my individual design on my next blog.
On a personal note last weekend was parents weekend, and my parents came down to visit. It really was a great time, Saturday morning we went to Mary Lou’s for biscuits and gravy, then we went hiking on the beautiful giant city nature trail and also went walking around touch of nature. Later in the evening we went and enjoyed the SIU football team as they played Western Illinois, and ended the night with 17th Street Barbeque. I am so happy they came down to visit and hope they come again soon! Thanks for reading, remember blogs are every two weeks! 

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