Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Asia Part III – Macau

By Ryan Kinports

Macau is an oddly European city complete with Portuguese architecture and cobblestone streets. That is because until 1999 it was administered by Portugal and was originally a Portuguese colony founded in 1557. It is now the second Special Administrative Region of China (the other being Hong Kong) and enjoys abundant economic freedoms. The primary income source is Chinese tourism focused on a casino industry that puts Las Vegas to shame. I have never seen such grand structures outside of the Great Pyramids.

Sanado Square is one of the gathering areas surrounded by shops. It is mostly a tourist area but you can quiclky access areas locals frequent inclusing fresh food markets. During the day the market streets were shoulder to shoulder.

These are the ruins of St. Pauls which was destroyed by a fire in 1835. Only the façade remians but the structure is still impressive. The accompanying museum is underground.
This is one entrance to the MGM Macau. All the major casinos are opulent and exceed the extravagance of Vegas. The most impressive casino is the Galaxy which has two million square feet of gaming floor and is entering phase three of construction.
The views from Macau are beautiful. The South China Sea provided a warm breeze that made the nightlife all the more enjoyable.

McDonalds Professor Dobbins worked on!

I had never been to an Asian country before this trip. The culture is completely different than in Europe or America. At times it was chaotic. I would have liked to have seen Vietnam and Japan but I can save them for the next trip. If you have any questions about this series feel free to ask me.

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